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DrcStudio is proud to be an approved APPLE DIGITAL MASTERS provider!  With DrcStudio ADM mastering, your songs will sound their best on iTunes and APPLE MUSIC!

Mastering is the final step that makes your recording sound its best for vinyl, CD, digital download, streaming, and broadcast.  With DrcStudio mastering, your record will be professional sounding and very competitive in the marketplace!

DrcStudio utilizes a wide variety of some of the finest analog and digital audio processors and programs to insure your recording achieves its full potential.  We then create a Redbook PMCD (master), or DDP file set (recommended) containing your mastered audio, CD text, ISRC codes, cover art, and additional metadata.  These are used for replication or short-run duplication of your recording.  We also include high-quality AAC or MP3 files from your mastered audio encoded with your metadata and cover art.

DrcStudio premium music mastering includes ... left, right, and center level changes; edits, fades, individual song EQ, de-essing, stereo widening, exciter, multi-band compression/limiting, level matching, and more; all for as little as $50.00 per song ... and all with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

No matter where your project was recorded ... make it sound the best it can be.  Click here to request your custom quote, or contact us now for more information on why your next project should be mastered at DrcStudio!